What are Water Treatment Plants, and how do they work?

A water treatment plant functions by pumping air into the waste in order to agitate the bacteria in the waste encouraging it to break down the solid matter waste. The eventual product left over gives a more environmentally friendly waste stream which is far cleaner and easier to manage than before.  As they are also actively encouraging bacteria growth, owners will often find their maintenance schedule is also reduced. Water treatment plants can come in all shapes and sizes and depending on their requirement can facilitate the waste stream of individual properties or up to very large commercial premises.

Why are water treatment plants required?

Where connections to main sewers are not available or practical, a water treatment plant is the obvious choice. In previous years the answer would be for a cesspit and more commonly a septic tank but as time progresses, so does the solutions available. A great benefit of a water treatment plant means you aren’t really limited to where you can install it, all that is really needed is an electrical supply, and ensuring that when it does need maintenance it’s a good idea to make it relatively close to a driveway or road.

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Do they require emptying and maintenance?

Although these are probably one of the greatest step forwards in available sewage management in the last 20 years, they still require upkeep and maintaining. Although this isn’t to be confused with the likes of maintaining a septic tank, the frequency of emptying is likely to be far less than a traditional system. Although alongside an emptying we would also recommend a pump service and health check once every 12-18 months, depending on the plant this may also require an emptying by one of our suitable vacuum tankers.

Why choose Drainrod?

Whether it is for failures or for maintenance, we offer an array of solutions from servicing and diagnosis, to supply and fit for all matters of drainage pumps for fresh or sewage systems. Maintenance on kiosks or entire pump stations is a routine occurrence for us, but as we understand each system is bespoke, as is our service to the customer.

A failed system can cause instant issues, whether it services an office block or if it services individual properties. Our skills and resources mean we can offer a complete package which also includes tanker services to provide instant system relief to allow the repairs to occur or parts to be fitted.

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