Why root cutting is needed and how we do it

At Drainrod Ltd we are experts at root cutting and root removal from drainage lines. Using one of our specialist High Volume, High Pressure Water Jetting lorries is a must for root removal and disposal. Whether they are fibrous, tap roots or a mass of roots we can deal with all eventualities. It’s vitally important that when you address a root issue you ensure you’re getting the correct equipment. We have a fleet of vehicles here but we will send one of our lorries to you which have a far greater capacity than a van mounted unit. A van unit may have the pressure required however they have a limited water supply meaning the job and cost can spiral out of control as the volume delivered isn’t great enough to move the roots. Our methods of root cutting and removal will minimise the cost to yourselves and ensure that disruption to the customer is kept to a minimum.

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Roots are able to enter drains via manholes, joints, connections or cracks. They seek the water and food within the drains and once there  these fibrous roots will turn into tap roots creating destruction. Alongside this they will also create a natural obstruction which will cause continual blockages and smells in the area.

Following the root cutting and removal, we will carry out a Camera Survey of the drain to establish if any damage has been caused. From here we can formulate a plan to keep the roots at bay, restricting their point of entry, where possible we will look at a “No-Dig repair” to repair or line the entire drain sealing it off from the original access points.

Unblocking roots from a drain